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deceivedbeauty's Journal

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Niran, Human

Being blessed with a willowy form Niran was more feminine that anyone he knew, even the women. His hair was long, black and straight as could be as it flowed down to his buttocks, brown eyes that seemed to show every emotion he was feeling no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

While Thailand was his home country, his birth country, Niran found himself living in Italy at the mere age of ten, his parents being very low class in Thailand they saw new opportunity in Italy and a better life, uprooting everything to move to the country and be thrown into a very family oriented lifestyle. They faked having the same ideals when they were in public, but behind closed doors their feminine son found himself with many bruises from the beatings he received when money wasn't coming in right. His parents owned a bar and forced to work there Niran was finding himself being dressed like a woman to gain more business for his parents. He was beautiful enough to do it, but the boys he had grown up with found it horrible that he actually went along with his parents wishes and all turned their backs on him. And so, now with no one to really associate with other than drunks who kept trying to get into his pants Niran spent almost every waking hour in the bar. Whether he was cleaning, serving customers, or ordering more alcohol it didn’t matter. He was always down there and his parents reveled in the fact that sales had indeed started to go up since they made their son start to wear skirts and gave him a bra with small fake breasts. While Niran really didn’t mind dressing in a more feminine way, as ever since he was smaller and sneaked his mother’s make up, he had always thought that maybe he was born in the wrong body, born to the wrong family. But unknown to his parents and having gone to the doctor the breasts he now had were no longer fake. Niran had been taking hormones, growing breasts as he felt it was what he wanted, and he knew it was what he wanted every time he looked in the mirror. He found himself to be beautiful.